The Rejection Pledge

How do you respond to rejections? Does the writer inside you cringe? Thought so.

Here’s an idea for 2012. Instead of dreading rejections, embrace them.

I can picture your expression right now:


Yes, I said, “embrace.”

Let me explain. A few years back, I was one of a team of moderators on the AbsoluteWrite forums. (A great place to network with other writers, BTW.) One of the things I did during my stint there was to challenge writers of every level and ability to make a pledge to attempt to amass a certain number of rejections during the year. The only hard and fast rule for the rejection pledge was simple: Submit acceptable queries, articles, etc. and do not generate a bunch of junk sure to garner a rejection for rejection’s sake.

The Rejection Pledge is all about submitting. Get your work out there. Get it read. And along the way, if you pick up an acceptance or two, who’s going to complain?

So, for 2012, I’m asking YOU to take the Rejection Pledge. Start small if you’ve never submitted anything before. Maybe you’ll shoot for two rejections this year. If you’ve been at this game longer, aim higher.  How many rejections will you attempt?


3 comments on “The Rejection Pledge

  1. I’m aiming for two acceptances and a dozen great rejections so I better settle in and get writing.

  2. Am so much thrilled with every content i have read so far.wow am really inspired and motivated.cheers!

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