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Writing “Snapshots”

Photo album

Image by For Inspiration Only via Flickr

If you’re like me, you probably have taken a few photos during the last month. Family gatherings, winter weather spectacles, holiday parties, road trips… is it just me, or does December lend itself more to photo opportunities than other months?

For a writer, this is great news! On those days when your muse is feeling sluggish, or you can’t settle on a project to work on, those photos can become instant writing exercises.

Start by uploading your chosen photo to facebook. Next, write a caption for your photo, but go beyond the usual: “This is me in pointy shoes and a red cap.” You’re a writer, right? Get creative. Here are some ideas to try:

* Tap into your senses and write about the scene. What do you see? Hear? Smell?

* Write the story behind the photo. Who are the characters? What do they want? How does it turn out?

* Compare/Contrast the event in the picture to a similar event in the past.

* What is happening off camera when the photo was taken? Tell THAT story.

Even if you don’t post your photos to facebook, take time to try a few writing “snapshots” of your own. You can always include them in your photo album. It’s a great way to limber up the writing muscles for the week.


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