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The Six Sentence Plot Outline

If you’re not a big fan of outlines, but want to have some sort of structure to build your story around, try this six sentence approach for hammering out the basics of your plot.

Sentence 1: Write a sentence about the inciting incident. What sets the story in motion?

Sentence 2:  Explore the main character’s reaction to the inciting incident. What’s at stake?

Sentence 3: Write a sentence about the “point of no return.” This is the part of the story where the main character loses the option of turning back.

Sentence 4: This sentence should focus on a series of complications that will block the character from achieving  his or her goal. She attempts to ___, but x, y, and z get in the way.

Sentence 5:  The biggest, baddest, strongest, fastest, most bionic problem your character must overcome to achieve his goal.  All appears lost when ____.

Sentence 6: Tell how the story ends. Does the protagonist succeed or fail?

Do you have a simple plotting strategy to share? Tell me about it in the comments!


One comment on “The Six Sentence Plot Outline

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