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Writers & the Cloud — Do you need cloud storage?

When it comes to embracing new technology, I’m sometimes a bit slow. Until this year, I’ve been on the fence about cloud storage. Then things happened to let cloud storage sneak into my life. First, one of my editors started putting backup material on Google Docs so multiple writers would have access to the same resources. All access, all the time. Next, the nonprofit where I volunteer turned me on to dropbox as a means to share files and photos that the PR team uses to put together marketing and fundraising campaigns. Suddenly, my head wasn’t the only thing in the cloud; my work was too.

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Do you need a cloud of your own? Here are some of the ways I’m currently using the cloud:

1. I save backup files of major projects as files in the cloud in case my computer crashes.

2. When working on collaborative projects, the team I work with puts the component parts on the cloud where everyone can see them and manipulate them.

3. I work on multiple computers, both inside my home and out. Keeping my note files stored in the cloud means no matter what machine I’m on, I can access those notes without worrying about losing or breaking a flash drive or remembering to email them to myself.

If you’ve not explored cloud storage for your writing, it might be worth looking into. You can read about the top 5 free cloud storage providers in this article on techsplurge.

Do you already use cloud storage for your writing? Share your experiences in the comments?


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