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Discoveries: What is Copyright?

I love it when I stumble across helpful information I can pass along to readers. 🙂 Today’s discovery comes from Writer’s Fun Zone in a guest post by Kelley Way (who is a writer and lawyer specializing in literary law). Her post breaks down (in simple, clear language) what exactly copyright is. Definitely worth a read. […]

Weekend Assignment: A Kick in the Pants

This week, I’m feeling a little brain-dead. I’ve caught up with all the deadlines I had looming, finally seem to be ridding the sinus cavities of the invading aliens who moved in a month ago, and I think my entire body has breathed a deep sigh of relief. In other words, I’m in that place […]

Writing Sparks: February 2012

February is upon us and I’m still having trouble believing January is over. Where did it go? I think I lost mine in a pile of work somewhere. Anyhoo… It’s that time again. If you are in need of writing inspiration, try one of these writing sparks. There’s something for everyone– fiction, nonfiction, even a little […]