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Weekend Assignment: Square Pegs

You’ve probably seen what I call a square peg article. They are articles you would expect to find in one magazine, but due to the writer’s ability to find the right angle, manage to squeeze into another. For example, if I say find a market for an article on lawn mower repair, you might dutifully pull out your market guide and look for a men’s magazine. But what if I told you men’s magazines were off limits? How can you slant that lawn mower article to make it fit a women’s magazine? (How to sharpen your lawnmower blade without dulling your manicure.)

This weekend, create your own square pegs. Take five article topics you enjoy writing about, and make a list of unlikely markets for them. Once you have your list, take the time to think about new slants for those topics. Find the fresh spin, and the fresh market. As a bonus assignment, take the best one from the list and put together a query for it.

Happy writing!


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