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Magazine Polls, Surveys, and You

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Here’s a quick way to generate article ideas aimed at a specific magazine. Look for polls and surveys the magazine has taken. Magazines use those little questionnaires to learn more about their readers’ views, and so can you.

For example, in February, Ladies Home Journal ran an article on shopping. The article included several pie charts illustrating the results of a reader poll. The questions included, “How does shopping make you feel?” As a writer, you can take that question and its responses (82% reported shopping made them feel happy) and cook up new questions to spin into an article idea:

  • Why does shopping make us happy?
  • If the happiness has a physical cause, can it be addictive (creating shopaholics)?
  • How can you tell if you’re addicted to shopping?

And so on.

As an added bonus, when you query the magazine with your new pitch, you can refer back to their reader poll. (A poll done by your magazine in February showed shopping makes us happy. But how happy is too happy? When does retail therapy become retail addiction?)

Tap into those surveys and polls to learn about the magazine’s readers, then use them to create articles tailor-made for their audience.


One comment on “Magazine Polls, Surveys, and You

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