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Are You Standing in Your Own Way? Four Habits to Give up Now

1. Making excuses
I don’t have time to write… I have no new ideas… If you want to write, write. Step around those roadblocks you’re creating for yourself and do it.

2. Obsessive revision
Revision is the key to good work, but if you are to the point where you are taking out commas only to put them back in ten minutes later, you need to take a step back. Remember at some point you need to stop revising and start submitting. Learn when to let go and move on to a new project.

3. Self doubt
Writers all go through periods of self-doubt. We get a paralyzing case of the crazies where every word we write looks wrong and sounds (to us) stupid. When this happens, push through. You can always reassess and fix it later.  One thing I know for certain: you can’t fix a blank page.

4. Waiting for good things to happen
While waiting for a response on project #1, move on to project #2. My personal mantra at the moment is “Make Something Happen.” Choose something to tackle every single day. Find a market, send a query, start a story, write notes. Keep moving. Make it happen.


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