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The Get-Over-It File

Some days it seems like every word comes out wrong — when the words come at all. On those days it can be easy to turn into your own worst enemy and give in to negative self-talk.

Me? A writer? Who am I kidding?

Why would anyone want to read this?

This stinks!

Nothing kills the creative urge faster.

Here’s a quick tip to help you get moving forward again. Create a Get-Over-It File.

The Get-Over-It File is a folder, journal, or scrapbook where you keep positive things related to your writing. Use it to store personal notes from readers and editors, nice comments from your critique group, and a collection of your clips that you absolutely love.

On those days when the negative vibes come to call, pull out your collection, browse through it, and bask in all the positive things you’ve collected. Then, get over all that negativity and get back to writing!


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