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From Blog to Book: Tips from Chronicle Books

Several writers I know, myself included, are exploring the idea of creating blogs that may one day become books. It’s not a new phenomena. In 2010, Freelance Writing Jobs posted about 13 books that got their start as blogs. There’s even a term for it: “Blooks.”

But is every blog book material? Some are definitely more suited than others. And if your blog is bookworthy, what’s the next step?

Kate Woodrow of Chronicle Books tackled all of the questions and more at the Alt Design Summit back at the beginning of the year. Better still, she posted an abridged version of her talk on the Chronicle Books Blog. The post is called, appropriately enough, From Blog to Book — How to Turn Your Ideas Into Reality. It covers everything from researching the competition, to selling yourself in a proposal. Well worth a read.

How about you? Have you thought about using a blog as a springboard for your next book project? Tell me about it in the comments!


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