For Writers of Small Fiction

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Do you write flash fiction? Lucky you! Today is National Flash Fiction Day (U.K.)! In honor of the holiday to celebrate writing small, I’ve compiled a round-up of helpful links.

What is Flash Fiction? Though the definition varies according to publisher,  “Flash What? A Quick Look at Flash Fiction,” by Jason Gurley and posted on the Writing-World website provides a thorough explanation.

Flash fiction prompts, news, writing tips and more can be found at FlashFiction.net . (And follow me on twitter for daily prompts you can use for flash @ThatBarbPerson.)

Have trouble whittling away your words to hit the word count? “Flash Fiction Techniques” over at Flash Fiction World offers tips to help you minimize your words.

Need a support group to crit and help shape your flash? Try an online writing group. In the past, I participated in the FlashXer group on yahoo. The group operates through email, and shares exercises, critiques, techniques, and market information. You can learn more about the group, and how to join by visiting the FlashXer information page.

If you need places to submit those tiny stories once you’ve completed them, Flash Fiction Chronicles has an extensive list, organized by word count.

7 comments on “For Writers of Small Fiction

  1. Great idea, I shared 6 tips for writing flash fiction and happy to have found all your tips too. Thanks.

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  5. […] For Writers of Small Fiction(barbaratyler.wordpress.com) […]

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