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Submit, Submit, Submit: Writing Markets May 2012

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Thanks for stopping in for the latest markets.I hope you find something useful.

Disclaimer: Bear in mind that I am sharing these links not endorsing them. While I’ve checked out these sites, always read the complete guidelines before submitting anything AND always do your homework.

Massage and Bodywork is a specialty magazine covering information in the field of massage. the magazine is in digital format online to learn what types of articles they accept and publish.

Goldfish Grimm’s Spicy Fiction Sushi seeks fantasy and science fiction stories between 100-7500 words. They are still a fairly new market, with just three issues under their belt, so response times may vary.

Most readers of Gluten-Free Living have celiac disease, or live with someone who does. The focus tends to be on living a gluten-free lifestyle, with recipes and related articles. No diagnosis stories.  (token payment)

According to the guidelines for Reading Today:
“General-interest articles appearing in Reading Today range from interviews with children’s book authors to descriptions of innovative reading programs to coverage of important reading-related conferences. Anything that might help or interest reading professionals is a potential story.” 

Professional journal, Palaestra, appears quarterly, and covers sports, physical education, and recreation for people with disabilities.


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