Writing Sparks: June 2012

If you are in need of writing inspiration, try one of these writing sparks. There’s something for everyone– fiction, nonfiction, even a little fun. Use the ideas individually, or mix and match them as your muse sees fit.

I’m currently operating in “visual mode,” so most of this month’s prompts are images meant to spark your imagination. To see more work by the artists behind the images, click on the photos.

Query Spark:  Set your time travel device to December if you are writing for magazines with a six month lead time. Comfort foods and cookie recipes are popular for this time of year. Winter travel and holiday survival articles are a good bet, too.

Character Spark:  An Imaginative Child

“Bath Time” by Barry Sell

Story Spark:  Behind every sign, there’s a story. What’s the story behind this sign?

“One Dollar Fine” by James Walsh

Setting Spark: Bridges link one place to another. Where does this one lead?

Image by Ruby Blossom

Fun Spark: Write about what love means to your character at different ages. For a jumping off place, read: What Love Means To Age 4 To 8 Year Old Children at Relaxing Hub.

Need more inspiration? Click here.

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2 comments on “Writing Sparks: June 2012

  1. […] Writing Sparks: June 2012 (barbaratyler.wordpress.com) […]

  2. […] Writing Sparks: June 2012 (barbaratyler.wordpress.com) […]

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