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Weekend Assignment: The Hunnicutt Project

“The concrete is better than the abstract. The detail is better than the commonplace. The sensual is better than the intellectual. The visual is better than the mental.”

Ellen Hunnicutt
(Author of Suite for Calliope)

This is one of my favorite writing quotes pertaining to “Show Don’t Tell.” For this weekend, let’s put Ms. Hunnicutt’s instructions to the test. Look out at the world through the eyes of this cat. Yes, this weekend you get to be a cat. (You dog people can quit snarling now and scroll down beneath the photo. Down! Back! Sit!)

Study the photograph for a few minutes and think about what it is like to be THIS cat in THIS place at THIS moment.

Spring Cat by Jacki Dougan

Now, use the cat’s POV and write about it–always keeping Hunnicutt’s advice in mind.

Okay, Dog People! Enough already! If you don’t want to be a cat this weekend, try this instead. Imagine you are a DOG, and you see this scene. Use your doggy POV and write about the photo.

Be concrete. Be detailed. Be sensual and visual.

Be brilliant.

Happy writing!

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