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Writing Prompts

Image by Kathleen Conklin

I love writing prompts. Those random little tidbits can inspire me for days. While I’ve posted about the prompts I tweet daily (you are following me on twitter, right?), I know that prompts are not one size fits all. On any given day, what inspires me may trigger nothing more than a “meh” from you. On those days, I encourage you to sample writing prompts from other places. To make it a little easier, this post has a list of places you can visit to find a spark for your next story. If I missed any of your favorites, please add them in the comments. The more, the merrier.

Writer’s Digest.com posts a weekly detailed writing prompt on their website.

If you like your prompts incredibly random (and somewhat convoluted) check out the prompt generator at Archetype.

Creative Writing Now has a list of forty-four short story prompts.

Seventh Sanctum has a host of writing idea generators — everything from characters to unlikely monsters.

You can sign up to receive daily email inspiration from Figment’s Daily Themes.

On Twitter, you can find inspiration in the tweets of these Tweeps:






And of course, me! @ThatBarbPerson

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