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Weekend Assignment: Pockets of Time

Pocket watch, savonette-type. Italiano: Orolog...

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Before you jump to the wrong conclusion, this week’s writing activity has nothing to do with pocket watches or time travel. Instead, it’s based on one of the 6 Practical Time Management Strategies for Freelancers and Solos by Jason Womack over at the International Freelancers Academy.

My freelance schedule sometimes runs me down, then reverses back over me for good measure, yet I’m constantly looking for ways to do more in the amount of time I have each day. So, allow me to introduce you to Womack’s tip #2: “Make the most of small pockets of time.”  

Womack goes on to suggest keeping a list of things you can do in a 15-minute pocket of time. I may be an old dog in the world of freelancing, but every once in awhile I still learn a new trick. I’m claiming this one as my latest.

This weekend, take Womack’s advice. Create a list of 20-30 things you can accomplish in 15 minutes or less. For example:

  • Name a character
  • Order a book you need for reference
  • Reply to an email
  • Schedule an interview
  • write a snippet of dialog
  • edit 2 pages of a draft
  • fill in appointments on your calendar
  • (If you’re like me) Eat lunch…

While you’re at it, take time to click over and read the rest of the article for some more good advice about managing your time.

Happy Writing!

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