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Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Today marks the second birthday of Brainstorms & Bylines. I’ve always considered B&B to be a work in progress, and looking back at my beginning post I realize just how much things have changed over the past two years. Now it’s time for another change. (Repeat after me: “change is good.” You! Yes, you in the back. I didn’t hear you. Try again.)

This year, I’ve had a veritable feast of wonderful writing opportunities come my way. Unfortunately, the time machine I requested seems to have been held up in customs. Since I can’t gain more time by monkeying with the space/time continuum, I’ve got to make do with the normal 28 hour days. (Trust me, you don’t have to have a time machine to have days that last 28 hours.) This means reassessing my projects so the multitude of chainsaws I’m juggling stay up in the air. Otherwise, I have to add “replace floor boards” to my to-do list, and who has time?

What does this mean for Brainstorms & Bylines? Dont’ worry, it’s not going away. Starting in July, the frequency of posts will change. Instead of three per week, I’m trimming back to three every other week. Three posts will appear on the first week of the month and three additional posts will follow on the third week of the month.

I’m also searching for a new look for B&B. I’ve always been fond of the magazine column layout, but it has some limitations I’m not happy with. So don’t be shocked if you come to visit and the space looks different.

Who knows what the next year will bring? Stick around and we’ll find out together.

Until next time, happy writing!

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  1. […] Don’t go there in the comments. I’m not talking about THAT kind of help.) Remember that time machine I talked about in the Birthday Post? Turns out the company is having trouble meeting demand, and I’ve been placed on a waiting […]

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