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Writing fiction: light a fire, start a story

Where do story ideas come from? In Terry Pratchett’s Discworld novels, he describes Inspiration Particles. In the fictional Discworld, these particles constantly sleet through the atmosphere, striking the susceptible with unstoppable ideas. Theodor Geisel (Dr. Seuss) described Gletch, a land of ideas, where all his inspiration originated. Without inspiration particles or a land of ideas […]

Writing Discoveries: Pixar Story Rules (One version)

Pixar. Say the name and story after story jumps to mind: Toy Story, Monsters Inc., Finding Nemo, and The Incredibles, just to name a few of my favorites. How do you go about creating timeless, universal tales like these? Emma Coats, a Pixar story artist, tweets story advice and encouragement she’s gleaned from her experiences. You can […]

Writing Sparks: June 2012

If you are in need of writing inspiration, try one of these writing sparks. There’s something for everyone– fiction, nonfiction, even a little fun. Use the ideas individually, or mix and match them as your muse sees fit. I’m currently operating in “visual mode,” so most of this month’s prompts are images meant to spark […]