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Weekend Assignment: Tour the Town


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Hello Writers!

It occurs to me that I could use a trip. My wanderlust is kicking in and I’d like to go somewhere, anywhere, to escape the daily routine. I figure I’m not alone, and that is the impetus behind this weekend’s assignment.

I have no trips in my near future. That doesn’t mean I can’t think like a tourist. I’m ready to put on my traveling shoes and wander around my hometown. I might find a new restaurant, or a gallery I haven’t seen before. And… guess what? If I keep my eyes open, I’ll probably find someplace new to write about.

Your assignment: Get out this weekend and visit a place or multiple places in your town you’ve never visited before. When you get home, write about the place. Your description could be the start of a travel article you’d like to pitch, or it may be a new setting for a story bopping around in your head. Either way, it’s good practice and it gets you out of the house.

Until next time, happy writing!

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