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Weekend Assignment: Loglines

Hooray for Friday! This has been one of those never-ending weeks! I hope yours has been productive. I’m pleased at the response to my call for your favorite blog posts for writers. I’m still collecting nominations and will be throughout the rest of the year. If you haven’t already, please read the guidelines and nominate […]

Writing Markets August 2012

It’s time for another issue of writing markets.I hope you find something useful. Disclaimer: Bear in mind that I am sharing these links not endorsing them. While I’ve checked out these sites, always read the complete guidelines before submitting anything AND always do your homework. Prairie Schooner publishes short stories, poems, interviews, essays, and more. They […]


Grammar (good, bad, and sometimes ugly) is part and parcel of this whole writing gig. Some rules are hard and fast. Others seem to flex and bend like Salvador Dali timepieces. A few good examples of grammar rules that have lost their rigidity over time can be found in a page titled: “Language Myths” on this […]

B&B Needs You!

Yes, you. See, a little while ago, I set myself a daunting task. I want to collect a set of links to the best 100 blog posts for writers from 2012. I want funny posts, instructive posts, inspirational posts, lots and LOTS of posts. And therein lies the problem. The Internet is vast, and the […]

Weekend Assignment: Uncovering Your Voice

Imagine you walked into a room full of strangers where someone handed you a microphone and expected you to make an impromptu speech. What would you do? If you are like most people, you’d probably freeze on the spot, filled with the certainty that you are going to say the wrong thing, or sound like […]

Confessions of a Recovering Pantser

Hi. My name is Barb and I’m a recovering pantser. Yes, I admit it. At one time I insisted I couldn’t plot a novel in advance because it would kill the creative process. (My art! My art!) I needed to let the story breathe and live and do all those artistic things a story should […]

5 Ways to Tap Your Creativity with a (Sort of) Vision Board

My first exposure to vision boards was through the television show Happy Endings and I have to admit, my reaction was much like Max’s. Really? A collage of pictures could change my destiny? While it might make good fodder for a TV sitcom, it sounds a bit like hokum to me. Then I read Martha Beck’s […]

Go There, Do That: Free Online Children’s Writing Conference August 14th & 15th

Okay, all you children’s writers out there, heads up! There’s still time to register for Write-On Con! The annual conference is now in it’s third year and it is completely free. No travel, no hotel costs, no airport food. Everything happens online. How does it work? According to the site: “During the conference, keynote addresses, […]

Guest Post on The Renegade Writer

Hello my writer friends! Just a quick post to invite you to click over and visit The Renegade Writer to read my guest post: The Often-Overlooked Document that Will Tell You How To Break into Your Dream Magazine — and It’s Right in Front of Your Face! While you’re there, check out all the other […]

Weekend Assignment: Situation/Complication

Life’s messy. No truer words have ever been spoken or written. Just when you think you have a handle on things, one tiny change can be enough to throw everything out of whack. This week, my husband had a medical test that normally goes smoothly for him. In fact, everything seemed perfect for the first […]