Writing Sparks: August 2012

I hope you are having a cooler summer than I. This season has been good for hiding out in the air conditioning and cranking out words, but I have to admit to a case of cabin fever.

If you are like me, fresh inspiration is welcome during these long hot days. so, without further ado, I present this month’s writing sparks. Feel free to mix and match creatively and as always, happy writing!

Image by The Culinary Geek

Query Spark: If your pub has a six-month lead time, now is the time to start pitching articles for February. Since Hot Breakfast Month is celebrated in February, why not pitch recipes and related breakfast ideas? Heart health is always big this month, too. Fitness and exercise will be hot topics.

Character Spark: Give an old familiar character a new twist, like these Fallen Princesses by Dina Goldstein

Story Spark: Start here>> “We found the car two days later, abandoned beside the overgrown railroad tracks…”

From the U.S. National Archives, image by Arthur Tress.

Setting Spark: A giant slide in an amusement park.

Fun Spark: Think about your favorite story. Now, what kind of tale would it be if you told it in reverse? Write a description of it. If you need inspiration, check out If you watch it backwards.


2 comments on “Writing Sparks: August 2012

  1. Hi and thanks for the mention in your related articles! I’ve just added some new prompts for August, too. Have a creative day!

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