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Weekend Assignment: Weather or Not?

Successful writers are nothing if not adaptable. This point came clear to me last week while watching The Weather Channel one morning. You may be thinking, The Weather Channel? Yo, Barb? What the heck does a cable channel devoted to weather have to do with me and my writing? My answer: Everything. Weather… yawn… or […]

Write It Right: Why Two Eyes Are Better Than a Grammar Checker

Since this post will be poking fun at Spam grammar, it could also be known as Spammer Grammar #2. If you missed my original fun post on Spammer Grammar, feel free to click over and read before continuing. Today, I would like to offer an object lesson on why grammar-checking software should never take the […]

Writing Markets September 2012

This month’s round-up has a little bit of everything from Americana to Dungeons & Dragons. I promise to add these to the market page just as soon as the world stops spinning quiet so fast. September has become synonymous with “swamped” here at B&B headquarters and I’m perpetually behind! As always, a gentle reminder: I’m sharing […]

Are you missing out?

Did you know Brainstorms & Bylines has a Facebook page where you’ll find bonus writing prompts, market news, free online conferences and other juicy tidbits for writers? This week I’ve shared: A writing contest for teens (with a story starter anyone could use as a prompt.) A bonus writing prompt with a fun music video […]

Weekend Assignment: Blackout Poetry

One of the benefits to writing for an education market is I get to spend a bunch of time researching cool things to teach kids to do. In the process, I routinely run across fun things for writers of all ages. One of my recent discoveries along those lines? Blackout Poetry. I found it when […]

Writing: Loving the Unlovable Assignment

I don’t know about you, but when it comes to pitching ideas, I lean toward the ones I will enjoy researching and writing. I suspect most writers are the same. When those are assigned, I get that happy-happy, joy-joy feeling that inspires me to write. Then there’s the flip side. The email or phone call […]

Go There, Do That: FREE Online Conference — International Freelancers’ Day

The third annual International Freelancers’ Day Conference will be held on September 21, 2012. It’s completely free and in the past the video presentations have been well worth the time I’ve invested watching them. Here’s a list of this year’s sessions. Some of them run at the same time, meaning you will have to pick […]

One Way to Create a Lasting (Negative) Impression

It has happened again. Today, I received a very polite pitch for a guest blog post. Those of you long-time readers know I rarely host guest posts. When I do, I solicit them from friends and colleagues in the writing community.  So, problem numero uno: an unsolicited pitch to a market that doesn’t accept them. […]

Writing Sparks: September 2012

I cannot believe how fast this year is flying by. Can you? It’s already time for September queries and ideas. Here are the latest sparks to get you writing. Mix and match the ideas if you like, or go where the muse takes you. Good luck with your projects this month! Query Spark: Editors living […]