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Writing Sparks: September 2012

I cannot believe how fast this year is flying by. Can you? It’s already time for September queries and ideas. Here are the latest sparks to get you writing. Mix and match the ideas if you like, or go where the muse takes you. Good luck with your projects this month!

Query Spark:

Editors living with six month lead times will be looking for items to fill the pages of March issues now.  March brings March Madness for basketball fans. Tap into ideas about related snack recipes, party ideas, history, and team trivia.

Photo by Steve A. Johnson via flickr (cc)

Character Spark:

Look at the child to the far right of this old photograph (click the image to enlarge). Create a character based on THAT child.

courtesy Wilmette Library History via flickr (cc)

Story Spark: 

Write a lost hat story.

Photo by cogdogblog via flickr (cc)

Setting Spark:

Start your story at a garage sale. 

Photo by Eastlake Times via flickr (cc)

Fun Spark:

Make a list of all your heroes (real and fictional) and imbue them with superpowers of your own devising.


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