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The Undiscovered Sequel

It seems like nowadays everything successful gets a sequel. Popular book? Turn it into a series. Well-received movie? Cash in on the success with part II. Top-rated television series? Let’s make a spin-off! Your assignment this week is to “discover” a sequel for one of your favorite books or short stories and write a description […]

Writing Markets October 2012

This month’s round-up has a little bit of everything, so put on your writer’s hat and get busy! As always, a gentle reminder: I’m sharing these markets, not endorsing them. Please read the complete guidelines and always do your homework before submitting to any market. Brevity looks for extremely short essays by new and established writers. They also […]

Are You Wasting Your Writing Time? Find Out Before You Pitch

One of the pitfalls of freelance writing is you might have the perfect idea for a section of a magazine, but never stand a chance at breaking into that spot because it’s covered by someone on staff. How can you tell? Do a little homework before you pitch. Check the writer’s guidelines You’ve probably noticed […]

The Facebook Writing Roundup

If you haven’t “Liked” B&B on Facebook, you’re missing out on extra goodies. This week I’ve shared: A free E-book on writing prose Advice for dealing with haters A link to a primer on copyright A bonus writing prompt The details for the upcoming Twitter Fiction Festival Stay in touch and get the latest bits […]

Weekend Assignment: Strokes of Genius

Last week while traveling, I was stuck in a hotel room channel surfing while my hubby hogged the computer to feed his newfound Angry Birds addiction. (Yes, we keep him cloistered, so it takes awhile for things like AB to filter in.) I happened to stumble onto one of Bob Ross’s televised painting lessons. I’m […]

Overcoming Chaos: Writing… with Children

When I began my freelance career I had no office and no door to shut to block out the rumblings of everyday life. Heck, I didn’t even have a computer (yes, yes, insert age joke here.) On the flip-side, I also had no email, no social media, and no drop-everything cell phone distractions to keep […]

Five Places to Find Interview Sources

You’ve got the perfect pitch idea, but you need an expert to quote. Where do you turn? here are five places to seek the people who will liven up your writing with their words. Blogs Just about everyone who’s an expert in anything has a blog. Many have the added credibility of authoring books. Do […]

Writing Sparks: October 2012

October might be my favorite month of all. fall festivals, cooler weather, Halloween… I even like raking leaves! (Not bagging them, though. Hate that part.) I’m making ready to haunt my front yard, and I’m dreaming up Halloween ideas for editors for next year. Many will be looking for this holiday a year (or more!) […]