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Writing Sparks: October 2012

October might be my favorite month of all. fall festivals, cooler weather, Halloween… I even like raking leaves! (Not bagging them, though. Hate that part.) I’m making ready to haunt my front yard, and I’m dreaming up Halloween ideas for editors for next year. Many will be looking for this holiday a year (or more!) in advance. What are you working on? If you need new ideas, you’ve come to the right place. Mix and match these sparks to start a new project. Good luck, and happy writing!

Query Spark:

October = April on the editorial calendars, and in April, folks play pranks for April Fool’s Day, celebrate National Gardening Month, and observe Earth Day. Put on your thinking cap and think of fresh proposals for spring!

Character Spark:

Image courtesy of the New York Public Library via Flickr

Story Spark: 

The ghost of yesterday.

Image by Barry Sell via Flickr (cc) some rights reserved.

Setting Spark:

Let’s go to the movies!

Image courtesy of the Library of Congress via flickr.

Fun Spark:

Dream up a new custom Monopoly board.

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