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Writing Markets October 2012

This month’s round-up has a little bit of everything, so put on your writer’s hat and get busy!

As always, a gentle reminder: I’m sharing these markets, not endorsing them. Please read the complete guidelines and always do your homework before submitting to any market.

Brevity looks for extremely short essays by new and established writers. They also accept book reviews and essays on the craft of writing.  Be sure to follow the guidelines, because each area is handled by a different editor.

One caveat for those of you wishing to submit to The Atlantic (scroll down to “Submissions”). While they do accept unsolicited poetry, fiction and nonfiction manuscripts, they do NOT accept email or fax submissions.  They look for pieces about politics, business, entertainment, technology and more.

The main thrust of Writer’s Weekly.com is selling what you write.  They buy first, non-exclusive e-rights or reprint rights for articles about how to make money through articles, business writing, copywriting, self-publishing and more.

Editors of regional parenting magazine, True North, are looking for articles, essays and features relevant to families in Central Oregon. Like most parenting titles, they look for articles on health, education, ages/stages, crafts, recipes, and more. They prefer email submissions but do accept hardcopy as well.

BootsNAll.com (Round the World Travel) defines itself as the “One-Stop Indie Travel Guide.” It has four distinct areas for writers: Feature articles, expert travel articles, travel essays, and guest posts. They describe each of these areas on the site (see link above).  They provide a wide variety of information to their readers, and the best way to learn what they like is by reading the site. Some of the articles currently online include (as of this writing) 12 of the World’s Most Fascinating Cemeteries, Touring China by Rail, and Planning to Live Abroad.

Readers of Saturday Evening Post tend to be 45+ with families. The editors seek articles on home, finance, travel, fashion, entertainment, and more. If you haven’t read the magazine lately, be sure to brush up on what they print because this is not the Saturday Evening Post your parents remember. They accept short fiction and humor articles.

The essays published in the New York Times Modern Love column can be about any topic that could fall under the blanket category “Modern Love,” including parenting, dating, divorce, etc.   For the best idea of what the editor likes, read several essays from the Modern Love index. You can find more insight by “liking” their Facebook page.

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