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Discoveries: Bloom

Just a quick post — I’m still on the road (and suffering a bit of homesickness, truth be told). Here’s an interesting site I ran across though an article in the Los Angeles Times. It focuses on writers over 40. According to the site Bloom is  “… a literary site devoted to highlighting, profiling, reviewing, and interviewing […]

Out of Order

For our wedding anniversary, my husband and I went to a movie. The one we chose to see was Cloud Atlas. For the first ten to fifteen minutes, I wasn’t sure we would make it to the end, then we got hooked. At the end of the movie, we both agreed that we enjoyed it, but […]

On the road… again

This year has been full of traveling and this month I’m at it again. While I’m away, why not check out this round-up of posts from the archive? Magazine Polls, Surveys and You: How you can use those little diagrams in your favorite magazines to help you hand new gigs. The Six Sentence Plot Outline: […]

Writing Sparks November 2012

Welcome writers, to a new month of writing sparks. This month, many of you are participating in NaNoWriMo. In honor of the annual competition, I wanted to start by sharing a few posts from last year that may help you on your journey. If you aren’t writing a fast and furious novel this month, scroll […]