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Writing Sparks November 2012

Welcome writers, to a new month of writing sparks. This month, many of you are participating in NaNoWriMo. In honor of the annual competition, I wanted to start by sharing a few posts from last year that may help you on your journey. If you aren’t writing a fast and furious novel this month, scroll down past the links to get to this month’s sparks.

B&B posts for NaNoWriMo:

NaNoWriMo: Go with the Flow

Weekend Assignment: NaNoWriMo Making a Scene.

NaNoWriMo: The Word War Warm-Up

Writing Sparks for November

Query Spark:

The smell of pumpkin pie might be tempting your taste buds this month, but editors have already time-traveled to May. At least the ones with a six-month lead time. November is one of those tricky holiday months. Some publications start planning their content for holiday issues a year in advance. Be sure to check your market to find out if they are one of them. If so, now is the time to pitch Thanksgiving ideas their way for next year.  It is possible to pitch May and November ideas to the same publication at the same time.

May issues of magazines tend to feature ideas for getting out of doors. Ideas for patio parties, lawn care tips, and outdoor home maintenance tips are good bets.  And don’t forget Mom. Mother’s day crafts, gift ideas, breakfast recipes, beauty/spa roundups are also popular.

Character Spark:

The thing I like best about this image is the caption that accompanies it: “Portrait of a woman seated in a garden.” It’s the kind of caption/photo pairing that makes you sit back and say, “There’s a story in there somewhere.”  Your task is to find it.

Powerhouse Museum collection (via flickr)

Story Spark:

This inspiration behind this spark comes from an article at MIT Technology Review: Children of a jungle tribe find a box of tablet computers. What happens next?

Setting Spark:

A tennis match between friends.

Fun Spark:

Who says you outgrow fairy tales? Take a lesson from this fun tumblr site and re-imagine fairy tales for a new demographic

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