Out of Order

For our wedding anniversary, my husband and I went to a movie. The one we chose to see was Cloud Atlas. For the first ten to fifteen minutes, I wasn’t sure we would make it to the end, then we got hooked. At the end of the movie, we both agreed that we enjoyed it, but when asked to tell others what it is about, I found myself hard pressed to describe it. The one thing I can say is it’s an interesting look at nonlinear storytelling.

Ever since I read Slaughterhouse Five as a junior in high school, nonlinear stories have fascinated me. Following a story as it jumps from Point A to Point C, or even Point H requires a form of mental gymnastics. As does writing one.

Which brings us to the latest assignment. This weekend, try your hand at constructing a nonlinear narrative. If you need a little help wrapping your head around what it takes to write a story this way,  Janice Hardy discusses nonlinear screenwriting in detail in the article “Linear Storytelling and Nonlinear Narrative.”

Happy weekend, and happy writing!

2 comments on “Out of Order

  1. […] to “happily ever after (or not)” narrative flow? Back in November, I posted this writing assignment about nonlinear stories. I still love nonlinear stories, but I also love tales that abandon traditional narrative all […]

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