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Writing Sparks December 2012

Wow, we are almost to the end of the year! I’m still away from my regular office, and working on a stack of deadlines that are keeping me from posting with the regularity you’ve grown to expect. Thanks for your continued patience — Next year will be better! Now for this month’s sparks to get you writing:

QUERY SPARK :  If you’re working with a six-month lead time, December means it’s time to write about ideas popular in June. Wedding gifts, road trips, and summer safety are good areas to explore this time of year.

CHARACTER SPARK: An otherwise honest person has a knack for forging signatures.

STORY SPARK: A dispute arises when one character treats a waiter in a way that outrages another.

SETTING SPARK: A jewelry store where the alarm is going off and can’t be silenced.

FUN SPARK: Choose three random headlines from your local newspaper and use all three to spark a new story idea.


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