Writing Sparks: January 2013

Welcome to a brand new year! 2012 was a bit rocky for this writer chick, and it remains to be seen what 2013 will bring. I apologize for the length of time between posts, and I hope to be back on track soon. For now, let’s embark on this journey into 2013 together and see where the year takes us, shall we?

Query Spark: Brr! It may be cold where you are, but in the magazine world, editorial calendars are running hot! July hot, that is. If you’re pitching a publication with a six-month lead time it’s time to think of parades and fireworks and summertime festivals.

Story Spark: What is love? Explore your characters’ ideas of what it means to love and be loved. If you need more inspiration, BlueCentric.com has a list of quotes on the subject, some cute, some profound, all from the mouths of babes.

Character Spark: Imagine the person attempting to break the Guinness record for cramming into a box. 

Setting Spark:  Two characters meet beside a wall of anonymous confessions.

Fun Spark:  Create a fill in the blank letter for New Year’s Resolutions a la BureauofCommunication.com


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