Writing Markets January 2013

Photo by DonkeyHotey (cc) Some rights reserved.

Welcome to the first new writing markets post of 2013. As always, a gentle reminder: I’m sharing these markets, not endorsing them. Please read the complete guidelines and always do your homework before submitting your work to any market.

Tor.com is a short fiction market for speculative writing. They prefer submissions of 12,000 words or less. Novels are NOT welcome here, so take note.

Novels MAY be sent to Tor books (scroll down to “submission guidelines”) if you follow the submission guidelines in the link.

Want to write something smaller? How about greeting cards? Calypso Cards is on the prowl for copy to use in their Selfish Kitty line. 

Local mom bloggers are needed in various cities to write for todaysmama.com on topics related to family and parenting. (Note: Payment is based on page views)

Children’s book authors can check the submission guidelines for Chronicle Books Children’s division. They publish “traditional and innovative” books, including novelty items. They DO NOT return submitted materials; hold on to your originals!

If your material is aimed at adult readers, Chronicle Books Adult Trade division also not only accepts submissions, they prefer to receive them via email. They request a three-month review window and DO NOT respond unless they are interested. Read the full details in their guidelines.



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