Writing Sparks: February 2013

Welcome to the latest edition of writing sparks designed to fire up your creativity and warm the cockles of your muse’s heart. Pencils sharpened? Keyboard at the ready? Let’s roll!

Query Spark: You may have hearts and flowers on the brain this month, but editors running with a six-month lead are sweating out the hot days of August. Now is a good time to send out tips for college students, time-management articles, and ideas for family fun (Family Fun Month).

Character Spark: The person holding the stick…

Image courtesy Jon-Eric Melsaeter via flickr (cc)

Setting Spark:  A wine tasting.

Story Spark: Maybe a road trip wasn’t such a good idea after all.

Fun Spark: If you like picture prompts, you are gonna love Storybird. The description from the site reads:

“Storybird reverses visual storytelling by starting with the image and “unlocking” the story inside. Explore artists, get inspired, and write.”

They provide the art, you provide the words and create your own picture books. You can search for specific types of pictures using tags, or choose a specific artist’s work. The drag and drop interface is simple to use, too. Lots of inspiration here. Go play!

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