A Likely Excuse

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Welcome to another Weekend Assignment. I hope this weekend’s writing prompt fuels your imagination.

This week, I’ve been thinking about lame excuses. You know the kind I’m talking about:

  • The dog ate my homework.
  • I overslept.
  • I forgot.

Hopelessly boring.

But, what if…

What if… a character had a superb, outlandish, tall tale of an excuse for why he did or didn’t do something, only no one will ever believe it?

Your challenge for this weekend is to craft that adventure. First, think about why your character needs an excuse. For example:

  • She doesn’t have her homework.
  • He’s late for work, again.
  • He (or she) forgot a blind date.
  • Or any number of scenarios where an excuse/alibi might be needed. Dig deep!


Think in terms of the most ridiculous, most outlandish, most unbelievable adventure, and dump your character into it with the knowledge that even though it happened, no one will ever believe the excuse.

  • Hijacked by pirates
  • Temporarily rendered invisible
  • Was mistaken for a secret agent
  • Accidentally got married

Use your imagination, get creative, and have fun writing.

2 comments on “A Likely Excuse

  1. “What if” questions are a great place to start fueling creativity. I like this prompt.

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