Writing Markets for April 2013

Submit and sell logoIt’s time for the monthly market update. Here are some places to submit your stories and pitches. As always, a gentle reminder: I’m sharing these markets, not endorsing them. Please read the complete guidelines and always do your homework before submitting your work to any market.

Cafe Irreal is a quarterly webzine devoted to fantastic fiction. They accept submissions of fiction up to 2,000 words and recommend that writers read the essay “What is irrealism?” on their website before submitting.

Authors of fiction, poetry and author interviews may explore pif Magazine  as a possible market. As of this writing, I can find no mention of pay, but the site for the magazine has a polished professional feel. If you only submit to paying markets, I recommend querying the editor about pay rates prior to submitting.

Ms. Magazine (scroll down for guidelines) has long been a journalistic outlet for writing with a feminist slant. The editors welcome query letters and full manuscripts. They recommend reading several current issues to become familiar with their content and voice.

Although pay is not mentioned in the guidelines for The Smart Set, the publication from Drexel University used to pay pro rates. Again, it may be best to query the editor about pay practices before submitting. If your writing leans toward personal essays, travel writing, memoir, stories, or critical essays this may be the market for you.

The Chicago Reader is primarily written by staff writers, but they do accept e-queries from freelancers for features and other items.  As you would imagine, they favor a strong Chicago slant and flavor.

Before pitching an idea to Teaching Tolerance, it’s recommended that you read several issues to get a feel for their mission. They aim to help teachers, parents, and students overcome hate and prejudice. PDF files of recent issues can be viewed at the site. Their main interests from freelancers include feature articles related to anti-bias education, personal essays from teachers about diversity in the classroom, fictional stories for students in grades PreK-8, and activities/lesson plans for teachers.

Tin House reads submissions from September through May. Editors accept stories and essays up to 10k words, and poetry. They do NOT accept multiple submissions. As of this writing, they are reading for the Spring 2014 issue (Deadline Oct. 23, 2013). The issue’s theme is memory as inspired by Nabokov’s SPEAK, MEMORY. See the guidelines for more details.

A tip of the hat to http://www.writejobs.info/ for posting this market on Facebook this morning. I’ve added it here because I have a piece I’d like to submit and I don’t want to lose track of the market. (I hate it when that happens.)  Wily Writers Audible Fiction publishes speculative fiction. Their issues are themed, so be sure to read the guidelines before submitting. Stories must run between 1k and 4k (no exceptions). They buy audio rights (makes sense, since they’re an audio pub) and non-exclusive rights to publish a digital text version.


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