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Start Here: Navigating B&B

You Are Here

You Are Here (Photo credit: cabbit)


If you’re new here, or haven’t visited in awhile, the new format may catch you off guard. Never fear, all the content is still here; it’s just grouped a little differently. Here are some tips for getting around in the new space:

Some basics…

The home page is now divided into different departments. In each department, a main link (on the left) leads to the most recent post on the topic. A  list on the right shows the five most recent articles for that department. Don’t see the post you’re looking for? Click on the department title (for example, Freelance Writing) for a list of all posts on the topic. Alternatively, you can search for specific posts by clicking on the monthly archive, or using the search bar located in the right hand sidebar.

Here is a breakdown of what you can expect to find in each department:

  • Announcements: This space is reserved for important updates about B&B (like this post) as well as information with a limited lifespan. This is where freebies, webinars, online conferences, and other discoveries with expiration dates will appear.
  • Freelance Writing covers things related to the business of freelancing for magazines, websites, etc. Some topics include contracts, figuring rates, finding health insurance, writing queries, marketing, and so on. 
  • Inspiration and prompts is the place to go if you are looking for the monthly Writing Sparks and Weekend Assignments. Articles on creativity, writer’s block, and other writing exercises will show up in this department, too.
  • Markets: Submit Your Work is pretty self-explanatory. The most recent market posts will always show up here. A complete list of the markets mentioned on B&B continues to be maintained as a separate page (accessible from the top menu bar). In the future, I hope to break the markets page into multiple sections for easier navigation.
  • More Articles. As articles age out of the departments, they will automatically move to this bottom section. The most recent ten will display. As with other departments, if you want to see more, simply click on the “More Articles” heading.


It’s much easier to follow B&B via email or through Word Press than in the old design. The subscribe button is located in the sidebar to the right. Oh, and remember, you can also “Like” B&B on Facebook for additional tips, tricks, and prompts that don’t appear here. Some good stuff makes it onto the Facebook page, so don’t miss out.


Feedback from readers makes B&B better for everyone. The old design made it incredibly difficult to respond to posts by hiding the comments link waaaaaaay down on the page. The new and improved B&B is designed with interaction in mind. Each post has a link to comments right at the top, as well as a comment box at the bottom. Like something? Hate it? Want to discuss or share? Now it is easier than ever for you to express your thoughts and ideas.


B&B is on a quest for world domination loves new readers. You should hear the “squee” every time the subscriber count goes up. Seriously, hearing it would warm the cockles of your cockles (does anyone know what a cockle is exactly?). If you like what you read, increase the squee!  Share your favorite posts by clicking any of the share buttons at the bottom of each one. Note: Currently, you may have trouble pinning things on Pinterest due to a shortage of pinnable images on B&B. the problem should be remedied on future posts, but going back through the entire archive may prove an insurmountable task. If you find a post you would love to pin, but can’t for lack of an image, please drop me an email with the title of the post at Brainstorms.and.Bylines@gmail.com and I will add one.

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