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The Prairie Dog Story

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Writing prompts often strike me while I’m in the midst of other things, like watching far too many repeats of episodes of The Big Bang Theory. Which is precisely where this one came from. During The Hawking Excitation, Sheldon Cooper explains what a remarkable woman his Meemaw was:

“You know, she once killed a prairie dog with a gravy boat.”

In 12 words, the show’s writer crafted a teaser with a protagonist, antagonist, and an unexpected twist. I want to know the rest of the story. A prairie dog? With a gravy boat? Do tell!

I suspect we all have a prairie dog tale or two lurking in our past.  For the sake of this exercise, I’ll define a prairie dog tale as one where the conflict revolves around an animal (any critter will do), and includes something unexpected (think: gravy boat). My own prairie dog tale teaser would begin:

“I once bird-napped a teacher’s goose and hid it in his classroom ceiling.” (It seemed like a good idea at the time.)

Your writing assignment for the weekend is to think about your past encounters with the animal kingdom (remember, any critter counts) and craft a prairie dog tale. You can write a personal tale from your life, or create a completely fictional one for a character.

What’s your prairie dog story?

Prairie Dog


Photo credit: blue_yeti via Flickr (CC) Some rights reserved.


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