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Writing Sparks: May 2013

Writing Sparks LogoAre you ready for a new month of inspiration? Use the ideas individually, or mix and match them as your muse sees fit.

Query Spark: Spring is in the air, and while your seasonal allergies may be in full bloom, your favorite editors are working on fall issues.This is the month they need ideas to fit in their November issues (assuming a six month lead time, of course).  Some topics to think about for U.S. markets include Black Friday, Veteran’s Day, and Indian Summer 

CHARACTER SPARK: Write about a character who spends time reading old dictionaries.

SETTING SPARK: A night-darkened road.

STORY SPARK Two characters rent an RV to get away from it all.


Fun Spark: When creative writers have too much time on their hands, ridiculous reviews happen — like the ones for this banana slicer on Amazon.com. Just for grins, pick a silly product and write your own unlikely review of it.

Image Credits (from top to bottom):

Dictionary by Greeblie via Flickr creative commons (CC). Some rights reserved. Night Traffic by jasonb42882 via Flickr creative commons (CC). Some rights reserved. Mystery RV 2 by Brian Fingerhood via Flickr creative commons (CC). Some rights reserved.


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