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Writing Sparks: July 2013

July 4th Fireworks

July 4th Fireworks (Photo credit: Sri Dhanush)

Welcome to another month of creativity! It’s time to wear the thinking caps and start generating a new batch of ideas. Are you ready? Mix and match these prompts and see where your muse takes you.


Stores tout Christmas in July sales this time of the year, but editors are thinking ahead to January (6 month lead time). Winter comfort foods, cold and flu season, and boredom busters for families are all perennial favorites. If your target market wants holiday material a year in advance, forget about New Year’s and focus on Fourth of July instead.


The giraffe strained toward him over the tall rail. For a moment, I swore it was going to kiss him.


She stood on tiptoe in her bright yellow shoes…


Sitting in the sun, on hot bleachers, at a tennis match.


Fun Spark: Write a list of skills you (or your character) no longer need, either because of evolution or technology. Need inspiration? Try this life skills piece at Huffington Post.

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