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2013 Summer Markets Round-Up

Submit and sell logoIs it just me, or is summertime c-r-a-z-y busy? Hopefully this list of places to sell your work will save you some time and legwork. Remember, I’m sharing these markets, not endorsing them. Please read the complete guidelines and always do your homework before submitting your work to any market.

Carina Press is a digital imprint of Harlequin and specializes in adult fiction. They also post special calls for submissions on their guidelines page. As of this writing, they pay royalties, but offer no advance.

The editors at Algonquin Books look for literary fiction and nonfiction. In 2013 they have also added a division for middle grade and young adult readers — Algonquin Books for Young Readers. They do not accept unsolicited submissions, but they will look at queries (via postal mail). 

Nonfiction book manuscripts about gardening, sustainability, edible and ornamental horticulture, and the Pacific Northwest may find a home with niche publisher Timber Press

The New York Times Op-Ed pages seek opinion essays that run approximately 750 words (no mention of pay). They respond only if interested. The editors recommend reading this article by former editor David Shipley prior to submitting.

Fiction and nonfiction travel-related articles are welcome at Wherever: An Out of Place Journal. This is a new publication with only one issue produced so far. According to their guidelines, they publish work “inspired by departure, movement, and distance.”

As one would imagine, Colorado is the subject of Colorado Life Magazine. Food, locations, people, wildlife– if it is part of the Rocky Mountain State, you can find it inside the pages. This magazine is also photography rich, and favors visual storytelling. Photo availability is a large factor when they make assignments.

Paleo Magazine is another newcomer. They are looking for contributors who can write on local events, and contribute recipes pertaining to the Paleo lifestyle.

Be sure to check the themes for 2013 before submitting work to Skirt.com. They publish personal essays on women’s interest.  (payment varies)

FictionVale publishes short genre fiction (5,000 words max). They pay semi-pro rates and appear to have themed issues. Read the guidelines carefully before submitting.

The guidelines for The Fiction Desk, a UK anthology market, suggest that writers download and read their first anthology free of charge prior to submitting.  They accept submissions worldwide, and typically look for stories between 2,000 and 11,000 words.  

Appalachian Mountain Club’s member publication: AMC Outdoors Magazine covers outdoor recreation and conservation topics for its 90,000 member/subscribers. They look specifically for materials related to the Northern Appalachain region from Maine to Virginia.

Crossed Genres pays pro rates (5 cents/word) for science fiction/fantasy stories (1,000 – 6,000 words) that match their themes. Current and upcoming themes include “Favors” and “Young Adult.”  See their guidelines page for complete details.

Children’s book publisher Albert Whitman & Company publishes everything from picture books to fiction for teens. The company is best known for The Boxcar Children series, but is NOT looking for authors for that series. They accept unsolicited submissions but respond only if interested.

On their website: Adbusters notes “Writing with a right cortex spark and a broad stroke of irrationality is given extra close attention. Essays, poems, rants, articles, features, spoofs, art, photos, designs, graffiti, scribbles, jams and mindbombs – all forms welcome.”  They also seek audio, video and flash submissions for ABTV.


One comment on “2013 Summer Markets Round-Up

  1. […] B&B added The New York Times Op-Ed pages to the markets list  back in the Summer Market Round-Up, it seems worth mentioning again. On October 13th, Trish Hall ran Op-Ed and You, a detailed public […]

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