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Writing Sparks: October 2013

Welcome to another month of creativity! It’s time to dig new ideas out of those skulls and scare up a few assignments. (Yes, yes. Feel free to groan. I know I did when I typed it.) Mix and match these prompts and see where your muse takes you.


By the pricking of my thumbs, something wicked this way comes… October is the month of spooks and goblins, and if you’re writing anything about this holiday for markets with a one-year lead time, now is the time to pull out your spookiest proposals and a good time to go grab a big bag of snack-sized candy bars. Strictly for research purposes, of course.  Otherwise, assuming a six-month lead, it is officially April.  Along with being famous for the showers that bring May flowers, April is also National Car Care Month.


Water trickled across the floor, filling the room in slow motion.


The thing you noticed first, even before her smoky eyes and the way her dark hair poked up like prickly spines from her knotted ponytail, was the gun tattoo on her bicep.


A greenhouse in the countryside.


Horror movies abound during this month. For fun, create a mash-up of two and write the Hollywood trailer for your monstrous creation!

Image credit: Three skeletons at the piano by The National Archives UK via Flickr. 


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