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Money from the Masses: Crowdfunding and You

Reading Round-Up LogoAs the world of publishing shifts and changes, more and more writers are looking at crowdfunding (or crowdfunded projects) as a way to support their writing. Is crowdfunding the publishing model for the future? Does it work? Is it ethical? I’ve been reading up on the subject and here is some of the information I’ve found.

Does crowdfunding work?

In 3 Successful Authors: 3 Successful Crowdfunding Platforms on PBS’s Media Shift, Carla King interviews three authors who have made crowdfunding work for them.

Is crowdfunding the future of publishing?

Matt Gartland of winningedits.com explores the question in Will Crowdfunding Books Replace Author Advances and Further Empower Readers? Gartland’s post includes outbound links to many sources of crowdfunding, like Kickstarter and PUBSLUSH.

Is crowdfunding ethical?

Victoria Strauss takes a look at the black, white, and gray areas of crowdfunded anthologies in her post: Crowdfunded Anthologies: Concerns for Writers.

Jed Hartman of Lorem Ipsum posted his thoughts in Crowdfunding an SF Anthology? Some Suggestions. I think the questions he raises are valid for writers contributing to such campaigns, too.

Should you crowdfund your next writing project?

7 Questions Authors Should Ask Before Crowdfunding Their Next Book by Mary DeMuth takes a look at things you should consider before you decide to jump on the crowdfunding bandwagon.

Have you crowdfunded a project or thought about participating in one? Share your thoughts.

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