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2014 Winter Markets Round-Up

Welcome to a new year! Winter is a fabulous time to start collecting a list of markets you’d like to pitch in the coming year, so why not start out with a few of these? And, while you’re at it, don’t forget to check out the Brainstorms & Bylines’ Markets page for a complete archive of the publications and publishers I’ve covered in the past. As always, I wish you happy writing and publishing success!


If humor is your game, Knock-Knock Books may be what you’re looking for. They publish a variety of humorous items, but are currently accepting ONLY humorous book proposals. No fiction. No nonfiction.

Rattlebox cards is an ecard publisher that does consider and buy freelance submissions. They do not have guidelines posted on their website, but give an email address for requesting them. 

Clubhouse Jr. Magazine is part of Focus on the Family‘s group of publications. It’s aimed at teaching Christian values to three to seven year old children and features fiction, nonfiction, poetry, and crafts, as well as bible stories.

HBO Watch is an unofficial HBO community devoted to the HBO franchise. They are seeking regular writers to contribute commentary and opinions. No mention of pay, but they do recommend asking about compensation in your initial contact email.

Mothers of Preschoolers’ (MOPS.org) magazine, MomSense accepts freelance writing. The publication is themed (although as of this posting the new themes for 2014/2015 have not been listed) and the guidelines offer a detailed description of what they need and are looking for. Click here to view a sample of MomSense magazine. They also accept posts for their blog: Hello, Darling. Writers are not compensated financially for blog contributions, but MOPS does allow for self-promotion and up to three links in your bio. So, if you have a related blog/book/e-pub/product to promote, this may be a viable venue.

Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association publication,  AOPA Pilot pays on acceptance. Their guidelines state: “We maintain a sharp focus on general aviation within the pages of our magazine, and we are interested in reviewing for possible publication only articles that share that focus.”  To get a better feel for the types of articles they publish, the recommend reading several issues. You can get a small sample of AOPA Pilot online.

If you are hoping to break into Popular Woodworking, the F+W Media publication seeks submissions for only two of their departments: End Grain, and Tricks of the Trade. You need not be a professional woodworker to write for them.

And, finally, a Golden Oldie with staying power. Since 1911, Boys’ Life has been running fiction and articles for boys between 6-18. Their target age is 12. They only accept queries via mail. No E-subs.

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