Get a Job! Make Money Writing in 2014

If you’re like me, January means reflecting on the previous year and planning to do better in the next. Because, who wants to do worse, right? And if, like me, part of the plan to do better means uncovering new ways to make real money from your writing, you are probably in search of the next writing gig. (It’s like I’m psychic, or something, right? Okay, so maybe just intuitive. Whatever. Let’s move on.)

The job hunt…

Making money by freelance writing in 2014 is a whole different ball game from when I started my career back in the 90’s. Online channels have opened a world of possibilities and made it easier than ever to locate and apply for writing jobs across the country without pounding one bit of pavement. The flip side of that, of course, is it is easier than ever to find scams, fake jobs, and sweatshop-like employers where you’re offered a pittance for your work. To avoid the pitfalls of the business, it helps to know where to look for the good jobs. While I don’t think there is such a thing as a scam-proof job site, here are some of the more reliable places I’d recommend for you to start.

(As always, I only offer these as helpful suggestions, a listing here should not be taken as an endorsement. Remember, before you apply for any writing job, do your homework. Click here for a simple tip for avoiding scams. )

Places to look for writing jobs

CareerBuilderMonsterCraigslist, and helpwanted.com are some basic starting points. Though I would caution craigslist users to be doubly aware of scams. Some more writing-specific sites/lists:

Gorkana Jobs Journalist and PR Jobs on and offline

Blogging Pro Job board writing gigs for professional bloggers

Media Bistro lists all sorts of writing/editing and publishing jobs

LinkedIn allows searches for freelance and staff positions

Morning Coffee Newsletter free weekly email newsletter compiles a list of recent writing job listings.

Flexjobs This site does charge a subscription fee. You can preview job listings before deciding if you want to pay for to subscribe. Not a writing-specific site, but writing/editorial jobs are frequently listed.

Whisper Jobs at ED2010 covers internships (paid and unpaid), freelance, temp, and permanent staff jobs.

Writer$Career on facebook also posts jobs.

Do you know a job market resource I missed? Please share it with other writers by posting it in the comments!

*Photo credit: Philip Taylor (Used under the Creative Commons Attribution License.)


4 comments on “Get a Job! Make Money Writing in 2014

  1. Great Post 🙂 I personally like making money on Twitter it’s quick and easy you should give it a go. 🙂

  2. Thanks for this! Nice to have them all in one space! I also recently learned about FundsforWriters, a weekly newsletter with writing jobs. I signed up yesterday for the free newsletter (there’s also a paid version) so I don’t know much yet, but the archives look quality.

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