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AppleSeeds Seeks Article Pitches on the Industrial Revolution

AppleSeeds Magazine

This lead comes from WritingCareer.com where Brian Scott works diligently to keep writers up to date on markets.  You can read the full details in his post.  Here is the in-a-nutshell version along with some “insider” thoughts on writing for AppleSeeds:

Basics: They are a themed social studies magazine. Though their guidelines state they are aimed at ages 6 and up, their marketing material, depending on what page you view, specifies grades 3-5, ages 6-9, and ages 7-10. (My recommendation is to write for a curious 8 year old.) They accept ONLY queries. See that “only” in big letters? They mean it.

Needs: This particular call is for nonfiction about The Industrial Revolution, and aimed at kids in grades 3-5.

Deadline to submit: March 15th 2014

Guidelines: AppleSeeds magazine (also includes upcoming themes)

A few insider thoughts:


They pay roughly $50 per 150 words, which means better than most blogging jobs out there and definitely more than most content farm gigs.

They’ve been around FOREVER, and from the looks of things they aren’t closing up shop anytime soon.

Upcoming themes are listed on the website. The theme list is in a big yellow box so you can’t miss it.  That means you can plan your queries months in advance and tweak them until they SPARKLE.

AppleSeeds is part of the Cricket Magazine Group — which produces high quality material. In fact, most public libraries subscribe to their magazines. Translation: you can often take a trip to your library and find multiple sample issues to read for free and skip the $8.95 cost of ordering a single sample from the publisher.

That same high quality standard of work means that if you sell to them, your clip file will gain a lovely work sample.

On the downside…

They work FAR in advance—articles for this call will not appear in the magazine until NEXT January, but the queries are due March 15th. If you’re in a hurry to see your work in print, knock on a different door.

AppleSeeds receives a multitude of submissions and responds only if interested, which can leave writers in limbo. If you absolutely need to have that rejection slip in order to move on, this may not be the market for you.

They buy all rights. This is not necessarily a problem, it just means you can’t sell reprints to your piece. In the juvenile market reprints are rarely sought anyway, so, weigh your options.

If memory serves, when I last wrote for AppleSeeds, they paid on publication. Their current guidelines don’t say. If this is important to you, send the editor a polite email and ask.

And finally…

One last tip:

Queries accompanied by high-quality photos have a leg up on the competition.


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