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Writing Sparks: February 2014

It’s time to start generating new ideas for February. Are you ready? Mix and match these prompts and see where your muse takes you.


In the editorial world, pubs with a six month lead time are nodding hello to the dog days of August. A few of the things you can expect editors to be looking for include: timely technology tips for people buying computers and apps for the coming school year, quick and easy meal ideas for hectic weekdays, and fall fashion.


This photo begs a story.


I love the movie Rear Window (the original). It’s packed with characters. Even those that have no spoken lines have their own little dramas playing out quietly in the background. We may never get more than a glimpse of them, but those glimpses are just enough to hint at larger lives than what are shown on the screen. Find a “background” character in one of your favorite movies and write his or her story.


A car stranded in a snowbank.


I love this little motivational writing challenge by Debbie Ridpath Ohi (a.k.a. Inky Girl).  Choose your daily word count goal (250, 500, 1,000) and write. Give it a try and boost your productivity.


Images: “February” by Paul Downey via flickr creative commons. “Training in marksmanship” courtesy of  the U.S. National Archives via flickr (The Commons).


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