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Making Your Own Market

food for thought thumbnail logoToday I read an interesting profile of writer Brenda Hardin. Hardin was featured in the Gaston Gazette for starting her own publishing company and for being a “pen for hire.”   Read the article.

I share this because I know many newbie writers (well, newbie-for-money writers) often pound their heads against the wall because they can’t find a way to break into the freelance marketplace, or they’re tired of writing for next-to-nothing in the content mills. Most of them overlook the possibility of creating their own market for their writing. Are you one of them?

In the article, Hardin says she is willing to write jingles and poems, but she also mentions resumés, wedding vows, and obituaries—things your everyday, average person might need. And she also noted that, in her area, she has no competition.

How many people do you know who need help writing a letter to a company, or a resumé for a job search? Are you overlooking a niche for your services right in your own hometown?

What do you think — viable option, or not? Share your thoughts in the comments.


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