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Writing Sparks: April 2014

Here’s a new batch of mix and match prompts to stir your creativity. Where will the muse take you this month?


Welcome to October in the fast-forward, six-month-lead, world of editorial! That’s right, while we’re in the midst of dodging April showers (and possibly snow—will this winter EVER end?), it’s time to think about Autumn.

In October, people travel to see the fall colors, watch classic horror movies, and start winterizing their houses before the weather gets too cold—things to keep in mind when brainstorming your pitches.


It started with the rain. Never-ceasing, mind-altering, drip-drip-dripping, rain.


He embodied the word, cheater. On his taxes, on his resumé, in his relationships.


Write a story that takes place on a horror movie set.


April 15th. Yeah, tax day. If you haven’t already done so, set up a file folder in your desk or on your desktop for corralling all of the receipts you’ll need NEXT April. File the ones you already have.



In honor of National Poetry Month, try this version of found poetry called Spine Poetry. Stack a few of your favorite books so that the spines face you and the titles form a poem when read from top to bottom.  It’s like Magnetic Poetry for bibliophiles, except without the magnets, or the whole finding a clean spot on the fridge thing.  Extra credit: Snap a picture and submit your Spine Poem to spinepoetry.com.


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