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Writing Sparks: July 2014

Writing Sparks LogoYou probably noticed that June’s Sparks went AWOL. You didn’t miss anything. Contract obligations and multiple deadlines meant something had to sit the month out. I’m back at it this month with a new batch of mix and match prompts. Where will July’s writing lead you?


January story ideas are the ones to pitch this month if your target publication has a six-month lead time.  Post-holiday credit card bills mean that money is on the minds of many readers, and as a result, the minds of editors as well. If you are of a crafty persuasion, making time capsules is a popular tradition at the beginning of the year. You can also show off your green thumb with article pitches about mail-order gardening.


Long hot days of summer often lead to boredom and restlessness. What will your characters do to find relief?


A swimmer who would rather spend time underwater than on the surface.


A candlelight vigil in a city park.


Has your contact information changed? Check the signature line in you email, your about pages on your blog, and the contact information in your online portfolio. Work can’t find you if you don’t let it.


Is the art of letter writing dead? Not here at B&B. For fun this month, write a fake letter to a company, celebrity, group, or anyone else who strikes your fancy. Keep the tone light and humorous. If you need some inspiration, Dear Customer Relations is devoted to humorous complaint letters. (NSFW)

Do you have a writing spark to share? Post it in the comments!


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