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Writing Sparks: August 2014

Writing Sparks LogoI’m plugging away at multiple projects this month: the first book in a fiction series, an activity book proposal, a nonfiction proposal, and my regular contract gigs are keeping me busy-busy-busy. How about you?

Whatever is on your plate, there’s always room for a little more inspiration, right? That’s where these prompts come in. Mix and match to find the perfect fit for you and get writing. Where will your muse take you this month?


Calling all February articles! Now is the time to start putting together those pitches for any market with a six month lead time. What topics are perennial favorites for February? Random Acts of Kindness Week takes place during the second month of the year, so how about pitching an article on ways to sneak in kind gestures? Or maybe a profile of someone you know who epitomizes kindness?

Another hot topic for February 2015 is International Polar Bear Day (27th). Polar bear facts, related travel, events, crafts and cute food ideas are sure to be popular.


“It came in through the bathroom window…”


Daddy’s girl in a snit.


Somewhere with lots (lots!) of cobwebs.


Set aside a day this month to write outside of your normal space. Try camping out on a park bench with pen and paper, or take your laptop or tablet to the mall and people-watch while you write. You might be surprised to see how much difference a little change of pace can mean for your productivity.


Hey, can you help a gal out? If you find these monthly prompts helpful, please share B&B with other writers. And when you visit, don’t be shy. Feel free to post comments, questions, and your own writing prompts here, too. I rarely bite (unless you are a spam-spammity-spammer, in which case, I make no promises).

Until we meet again, happy writing!

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